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That wouldn't be fair to anyone to not let them know.

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But during Labor Day Weekend, I snuck away from my long-married cousins and their charcoal-grilled burgers and icy Heinekens long enough to join an online dating site. Dating is awkward enough when you’re in your 20s or 30s. It offers the same odds as a blackjack table in Vegas. “He was crazy about her,” said the grieving friend.

I placed my bet for a three-month membership on a dating site I’ll call Mating Writing my profile and answering their questions was as much fun as taking the GREs. By the time our entrees arrived, I glumly accepted the fact that all I would get out of this date was an excellent meal.

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I talk a lot with my ex girlfriend and she has no clue I earn some little money on the side playing this game... If you are a pro do you tell a girl you are a poker pro?

So, it was with apprehension and low expectation that I agreed to meet a guy named Sam for dinner. Never agree to a first date that lasts more than 20 minutes. “I dropped out and discovered my true passion,” he said.

Just meet at a Starbucks where, if the vibe isn’t right, it doesn’t have to last longer than a double decaf latte with skim milk and extra foam. “I prefer dining at a nice restaurant,” he said, then named a pricey Italian place I had always wanted to try. I could get through dinner with Mussolini if they served a great pasta carbonara with a crisp Pinot Grigio. I was, however, relieved that Sam was the age, height and gender stated on his profile.

Mating World suggested I take a quiz that would color code my personality.

Sixty multiple choice questions later, I was told I’m a “yellow.” I had always thought of myself as a mauve.

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  5. We have exclusive use of their first floor areas for our speed dating events.

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