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That’s the way to set yourself up for a better relationship next time. One of those boyfriends from long ago had a pair of jet skis and invited me to ride one of them with him and his friends. Instead of taking responsibility for my actions, I blamed him for making me go faster and causing the accident. Black and blue marks and a couple thousand dollars later, the relationship was over.

A healthy relationship requires each person take responsibility for his or her own actions. That’s why it’s on the list of toxic relationship habits.

And then something went wrong and it all seemed to fall apart just as fast as it started. A long time ago, many years before I met the man of my dreams, I was having dinner with one of my many boyfriends.

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You’ve got to work at them everyday for them to be happy and healthy ones. It’s definitely a toxic relationship habit to break.

Sometimes we think we’re acting the right way or maybe we don’t know the right thing to do. A better reply would have been to explain that, “I’d like to pay, but I’m short on cash. Either we get engaged now or it’s over.” “You’re spending too much time with your friends.

Uncomfortable, I jumped up, gave some lame excuse about having to get up early in the morning, and bolted from his place. He just thought that sending flowers would smooth the situation over and I would eventually come around. The flowers didn’t make me forget that he was trying to force a sexual situation that I wasn’t ready for. The important part is to be open and honest in your relationships.

I know there were so many toxic things happening here, but I want to focus on what happened afterward. The better course of action would have been to talk through what happened and deal with it head on. If things don’t work out and you part ways, mourn for your loss, but don’t let them drag you down and make you miserable.

I turned my head around to see him fumbling with his pants.

I had told him I wanted to take things slow so of course he decided to unzip his pants and give his little man some air.

Before you key his car or talk smack about him on social media, think twice. Will people think he’s the bad guy for breaking up with you or will they think he was right to dump a crazy person like you?

Sadly, no matter how you feel right now, taking revenge won’t make you feel better.

The next step is to ensure you don’t commit any of these breakup no-no’s.

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